Monday, November 28, 2011

Word To The Wise

Poor excuses for mothers and dead beat dads that stroll the streets
While their young ones are at home feeling abandoned with no food to eat
And they feel comfortable living this thing they call the L-I-F-E
They believe that it’s okay to smile and be proud not to have an H-E-A-R-T
But how, you talk about the ones that are trying, you don’t mention anything good; you mention what’s worse then
You smile in this same person’s face acting as if you’re best friends and you don’t feel like less of a person?
THAT”S BULL! Deceitfulness is a pet-peeve for me and so is adultery
I may not have lived a long life yet but I see a lot of things that you don’t see
See we as children didn’t ask to be here, we didn’t ask for our parents to make a seed
But it’s nothing we can do because we are here, and parents need to take care of responsibilities
Making 2, 3, or 4 heads of children that you claim you can’t take care of, can’t bathe, and can’t feed
But it doesn’t seem like a big hassle for you to go clubbing, buy drinks and get superman high off of the dopiest weed
Got welfare or social security to help the parents take care of the kids and help them get by
But yet the baby is still hungry and wearing dirty clothes while daddy’s rocking a rolex and mommy got on a coogi dress that’s stops yay high
And you are going to try and teach me how to be a lady and tell me to how to carry myself
While different guys are walking in at 3 in the morning and beer and liquor instead of bread and food is on the shelf
Do better people, you may not know it, but you’re the reason why your off-springs can’t find confidence or give out self respect
You’re the reason your little boy is on drugs and your little girl find love under a thug’s caress
And now you’re mad because you have to find more money to get him out of jail and get her an abortion
But it’s your fault you should have had more sense to raise your kids with caution
Kids are new to this world; we can’t raise ourselves on our own
I had good guidance even though my dad can’t always be around and my mom is long-gone
But I’m good because of the principles that I was taught and because I had parents who cared
So let’s get it, work it on out, cause we gotta start somewhere

                                                                                                                                                                Janaya Robinson

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